Welcome to the World’s First Juice Club.
Exclusively available in New York City.

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The World's First Juice Club

Don't let anyone try to deceive you... Juice is supposed to taste delicious!

Welcome to the Juice Renaissance

Artisan 100% Fruit Juice, Handcrafted & Cold-Pressed in New York City.

One Juice a Day

Easy & Hassle-Free Juice. Delivered straight to your door for free!

Welcome to the Juice Renaissance Re-Connecting Human Beings to the Grandeur of Real Juice.

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We deliver your orders FREE to your home or office in New York City.

Hassle-free Juice

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Best quality and freshness doesn't cost a fortune, how much you spend on FAKE JUICE? Do your math!

Healthy and Delicious

The easiest way of conveniently making juice part of your everyday life.

Pura Fruta is powered by the best of the industry:

Pura Fruta Fair Trade Pura Fruta Halloween Juice 6-pack
BreakFast of Champions BreakFast of Champions BreakFast of Champions

in Costa Rica

Handcrafted &
Cold-Pressed in NYC

100% Fresh Fruit
Single Flavor Juice

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